Market Research

Market Research

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Our aim is to create confidence and better outcomes for your business. You will make creative and effective business decisions through our services. Akonims & Owl research is an effective tool that will help you understanding your customers behaviours, and also it provides a deeper understanding of how to target consumers more effectively.

Improve your business with  Akonims and Owl research.

We offer advanced solutions to build an effective market strategy for your business.

Market Research

With our services you can ;

Gain information about your target markets and customers

Know the latest trends in the market

Have knowledge about your products` position in the market, know what customers think about your      products or services

Plan your investments through our advanced financial forecasts and monthly reports

Track your opponents in order to achieve competitive advantage

Promote your events or products

Areas of expertise

Competitive intelligence;

We help businesses advertise their products/ services, understand their markets, learn what their competitors doing. Our solutions will help you to build a market strategy that will deliver the perfect results you expect.

Audience research

We offer high quality and securely measured data about your audiences. We bring qualitative intuition to quantitative data that helps you achieve a deeper understanding about your audience. Once you know about your audience, we can help you optimize your ad campaigns.

Market research

We gather information about your target markets or customers. This is a very important component of your business strategy as It is a key factor  to maintain competitiveness over your competitors. Our monthly reports use advanced techniques, and include gathering and interpretation of information about the market and individuals.

Marketing effectiveness

If you want to measure the outcomes of your product campaigns, you will need us. We will help you to improve your product/ service performance. We measure your advertising effectiveness and give you an overview of all the latest ads and campaigns. You will know how affective your marketing strategies and you will become a leader in the market.

 Products / Services

Market research for business and planning

Our monthly reports include Primary Research sub-divided into Quantitative and Qualitative research and Secondary research.

Key factors included in our reports ;

  •       Market information
  •       Market segmentation
  •       Market trends
  •      SWOT analysis

Other techniques that we use ;

  • Customer analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Competitor analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Product research
  • Advertising the research

Audience research

Our service measures how many people are in an audience, usually in relation to your events, but also in relation to your web traffic on websites. We use contemporary methods and software to obtain the most reliable results.

Product review

We evaluate the effectiveness and social impact of your publications, products or services. Usually we combine this service with audience research. A specific product will be asked to a group of audience and the results will be evaluated by us. We also track media and web for specific products that you intend to compete with. This is a great service if you want to know about your competitors` products and what makes them different.

Financial forecasting / Market reports / Market intelligence

We analyse market conditions, and estimate of future financial outcomes for your company. Our monthly reports will provide you with the information of the latest economical affairs and the market situation. Specific markets will be carefully observed and evaluated by us. This service is very important and necessary if you intend to make a new investment for your organisation. We will help you in your investment decisions and you will achieve the growth you desire.

Other services

  • Event Promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing

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