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A Simple Guide
Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online but ‘what is affiliate marketing?’. Many people see and hear about it and how normal people are making money by doing it, yet they fail to undersand what it is and how it actually works.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways for people to make money online. It has grown in popularity because it is virtually FREE to set up and the best thing about it is, just about anyone can start doing it, no matter how old you are or what walk of life you come from.

The first thing I would like to say is that this website has been designed to make understanding ‘Affiliate Marketing’ a little easier. I know that there are thousands of other websites on the Internet offering advice about this subject, some are very good and some just blind you with technical jargon, resulting in you being none the wiser after having read the webpage.

I hope this website provides you with everything you need to start building your ‘Affiliate Marketing’ business from today onwards. I hope that you find this website easy to navigate and set out in a way that you can follow very easily and grasp the concept of ‘Affiliate Marketing’ very quickly.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

A Simple Definition
The easiest way to describe ‘Affiliate Marketing’ would be the following:

Affiliate Marketing is basically selling someone else’s products or services and then in return, you receiving a commission for doing so.

The concept of ‘Affiliate Marketing’, is that you get paid when you sell or promote someone elses product.

As I am sure you can imagine, this is a very attractive proposition for many people, especially if you have a website but do not have any products or services of your own to sell.

Throughout this website, we will be taking you from the very basics of Affiliate Marketing and explaining how you can start your very own Affiliate Marketing campaign from scratch, with very little money.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Used For
Essentially, Affiliate Marketing is used by companies to reach a wider audience, increase sales and their customer base. It is a fantastic way for companies to get a large number of people (affiliates) to advertise, promote and sell their products and services in return for a small commission.

For Example: Imagine if you had your own business selling a certain product or service. It is very hard and very expensive for you as a business owner to market any product or service on your own but if you had 100 other people selling your products and services too, you could quickly reach a much larger target area, build a large customer base and increase your sales. It also means that your business would only pay money out for marketing when you sell a product (a sale that you would not have made without an affiliate recommending you) and that means a very viable marketing strategy for your business. If those 100 people (your affiliates) promoted and helped sell your product and then in return received a commission everytime they sold one of your products, they would have an incentive to continue promoting your product.

It really is a win win situation for both the company and for the Affiliate Marketer.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Yes, is the simple answer to the above question. I myself have been making regular money online as an affiliate for many years. However, despite what you may read in those adverts about ‘Affiliate Marketing’ telling you how you can easily make thousands of pounds everyday for doing very little work, isn’t exactly true!

Yes, it is possible to make huge amounts of money from ‘Affiliate Marketing’ and there are people doing so each and everyday but the fact is, they didn’t start make huge amounts of money overnight! The truth is, it took them time and effort to set up their own ‘Affiliate Marketing’ empires and now they are reaping the rewards for their efforts. Sadly though, a large number of these people fail to mention this when they are trying to sell you their secrets for large amounts of money!!!

Remember from the beginning, ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is a business, it is a great way of making money online but just like any other business, it needs to grow and you will need to put the time and effort in to help grow your business and as a result reap the rewards!

The really good thing about ‘Affiliate Marketing’, is the fact that you can begin to build your own ‘Affiliate Marketing’ business here today. It will be virtually FREE and the only thing it will really cost you, is your time.

Why Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way for you as an individual to earn money and here are a few reasons why.

You do not need large amounts of money to start your Affiliate Marketing business.
You do not need to buy or hold stock.
You do not need to buy or rent premises.
You do not need to deal with customers or sales.
You do not need to deal with despatching goods and you don’t need to deal with refunds.
You can run your affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world and once you have it up and running, your affiliate marketing business can be earning you money 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Ok, rather than over face you with a single page of long scrolling text and information, I think the best, easiest and most beneficial way to help you understand how to start your own online ‘Affiliate Marketing’ business, is to break it down into simple and easy to follow sections.

I have set up seperate pages for each section of the process. This will allow you return back to this webpage (please save it to your favorites) and follow the step by step process at your own leisure. This will be much more beneficial because you may need a little time between certain sections, in order for you to set up various tools and implement them into your own business.

Everything on this website has been included for a reason and following the information provided and then implementing it into your own campaigns, will help you build a successful business.

Please Remember:

I can provide you with the information you require but sadly, I cannot do it for you. Only you can actually take action yourself and make it work for you. I truly hope that the information included on the ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing’ website will prove beneficial and start you on the path to having a successful future in Affiliate Marketing.

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